The Story theatre

Season 1

season I



Leave Me Alone!

like anton chekhov's ivanov, but gayer

Written By

Paul Michael Thomson

July 26—August 12

The Heartland Studio

Directed By

Matt Bowdren

Nik Ivanov is broke. His wife is dying. He’s losing his bid for reelection. And he might be gay. But at least he has his looks! Leave Me Alone! tells the story of a cry for help. It’s about labels, identity, advice, Chekhov’s gun, and how none of that matters when you’re depressed…except perhaps the gun.



Nik Ivanov — Sean Gallagher
Dr. Love — Ayanna Bria Bakari
Anna — Brenna Welsh
Sam — Jordan Dell Harris
MB — Gaby Moldovan
Aida — Nicole Laurenzi
Paul — Randolph Johnson
Matt — Michael Kingston
Babs — Chelsea Turner
Gabrielle — Sarah Bartley
Female Swing — Nadine Merheb
Male Swing — Keenan Larson

Creative Team

Stage Manager — Lucy Whipp
Scenic Design — Brian Hendricks
Lighting Design — Lucy Whipp
Costume Design — Stephanie K. Brownell
Original Composition — Jake Sorgen
Sound Design — David Hagen


Artemis Books

& The Well-Meaning Man


Written By

Paul Michael Thomson

March 13, 2019

6157 N Clark St

Regina (Reggie) runs a femme-centric feminist bookstore in Tucson, AZ. Artemis Books is a safe space for queer people, free expression, and womxn of all kinds. When her boss unexpectedly jumps ship, Reggie is stuck with a new-hire: straight, white, cisgender JJ. Workplace romances, existential anxieties, and some questionable spell casting abound as Reggie tries to reclaim her safe space. Does identity have to influence ideology? Does colonialism ever stop? And what in the actual hell is a "good guy"?


Reggie — Gaby Moldovan
Asha — Ayanna Bria Bakari
Emerson — Brenna Welsh
JJ — Matt Bowdren
Maya — Emily Hawkins

Creative Team

Stage Manager—Lucy Whipp
Sound Design—David Hagen