Character Study

Character Study is an interview series that features and celebrates Chicago theatre artists. Its goal is to document the ongoing history of the Chicago theatre movement by creating conversations that dig deeper into the process of theatre-making, honoring the work of individual artists, and preserving the story of Chicago theatre, as told by its own voices.

Created by David Hagen and produced by The Story Theatre.

March, 2024

Gloria Imseih Petrelli

"I became a better artist once I was able to name and outline my values. Having a specific north star—which is decolonization, anti-imperialism, the liberation of all oppressed peoples—is the thing that has liberated me. I feel that I am a stronger, more effective artist because I have the value system that I have."

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Jordan Dell Harris

"Being an artist is one of the first things I knew about myself. And I worked really hard not to lose that artist that was always there. I’m really grateful to have that certain nerve within me to make art and show people."

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Mikael Burke

"We do not have to accept, or affirm, or perpetuate these systems and power dynamics that don’t serve us. Because none of this can happen without us. We have the power to demand action, and demand change, and demand a shift. I do think we were one of the first major theatre ecosystems to realize this."

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