Our Mission

The Story Theatre will pose questions, rather than provide answers. We develop and produce new work that is whimsical, melancholic, mythic in vision, and intimate in scale. We are run by a governing artistic ensemble, who ensures our work is actively dismantling racism and inequity, while cultivating community through activism and catharsis.

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Develop and Produce New Work

The singular residency opportunity in the Chicago storefront scene, our Emerging Playwright Residency Program fosters the work of early-career playwrights by providing a fully-produced run of their world-premiere, as well as a year-long developmental process of a new play through roundtables, workshops, and a public staged reading.

Mythic in Vision

We tell stories that are epic in nature, rich in magic, and with the allure, wonder, and magnitude of myth.

Intimate in Scale

Our stories prioritize substance over spectacle, creating a personal, intimate experience that feels immediate and visceral--as if you’re the only person in the audience.

Governing Artistic Ensemble

We have traded in the traditional hierarchical business structure for a collaborative, collective leadership model. With seven governing ensemble members, we challenge the patriarchal notion of top-down management, pursuing a shared artistic vision informed by our diverse, singular experiences.

Actively Dismantling Racism and Inequity

We acknowledge traditional theatre’s role in upholding white supremacy, and we at The Story are making a conscious choice to pursue active antiracism. We must consciously work against white supremacist precedences through prioritizing marginalized voices, ensuring accessibility in terms of finances and abilities, and dismantling inequity in all of its forms. We are holding ourselves accountable to this, and invite you to hold us accountable as well.


On and off stage, we are committed to doing our part through community organizing and partnerships. This has looked like panel discussions, donations, and providing resources/literature that are relevant to the stories we produce. We, at The Story, are always expanding and exploring new ways to engage with our communities.


The concept of catharsis speaks to the immediate, visceral effect of live theatre--the emotional response that encourages identity with the characters onstage. Humans are hardwired to make meaning and to learn and grow through storytelling. We value our role in providing this important avenue for people in our community to enrich their emotional development by empathizing, connecting, and growing through each other, with each other.

The Story Theatre's Mission Statement
has been collectively written by the Artistic Governing Ensemble.